Norm's 2005 Purple Stallion does
extra duty as a multipurpose platform

Kansas 15th Parade October 8, 2011

Benton Parade 2011Benton waiting
lineup Benton
Parade Vehicle Benton Kansas Parade 4/30/2011

pricey Harley Davidson Golf Cart 2005

And it is a cargo hauler Dragon Loop 2005

in Oklahoma it hauls in August 2005

Deals Gap 2006

Deals Gap 2006
Deals Gap ride 2006

"Some times if pays to carry a spare
" on the way to be put on the rear wheel at 10700 miles

Used as a "Coach" to Carry Aunt Olive to Eureka

flower car

Flower car does not work well 10/11/2011

Salvation Army Toy Run November 2005

Jester Bike
Purple Stallion

Eureka Days parade with Debbie

wet ride from OKC
delivery ride
first ride

Arkalalla Parade, Arkansas City Kansas October 29, 2005
IBA number 23533 on November 1, 2005

Purple Stallion

Turner Falls Ride

Iron Butt Association "Worlds toughest riders"

Saddle Sore 1000 rules
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